Jenna Liseo’s Spotlight Interview

We asked the peer mentors to answer some questions about their time here at UConn and give some simple tips and tricks to navigating the campus. Meet Jenna! A junior majoring in Management and Engineering for Manufacturing.

Jenna Liseo

What semester is this for you?

I am a junior. This is my 6th semester at UConn.

When are you graduating?

May 2023

What is your major?

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing

Did you minor in anything or focus on a specific concentration within your major?


Are you involved with any on-campus activities or organizations?

Yes. I am a Media Captain for HuskyTHON, part of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Husky-For-A-Day Mentor, School of Engineering Peer Mentor Program. I also own my own photography business and take photos for a lot of the organizations here at UConn.

What would you say is the easiest/hardest part of your academic career at UConn?

I would say the most difficult part of my academic career at UConn was the adjustment from in person to online and back due to the pandemic. I know this was a difficult time for everyone, but being a freshman, I still had yet to truly adjust to the rigor of UConn’s School of Engineering classes, so changing the modality so often was hard. The best part of my academic career at UConn was meeting some of my best friends through the MEM program and getting to take these classes with them. We often study and do homework together, but it’s also fun when we meet up for coffee between classes, grab dinner, etc. They have made my academic experience so much better.

Is there any advice you would give to first year students entering your major?

For first year students entering the MEM program, my biggest piece of advice is to elevate your study habits. UConn’s School of Engineering program is designed to challenge us and includes some really intense courses, then add that to UConn’s School of Business, which is also nationally ranked. Your studying and organizational skills are going to need to be on point! To elevate your study habits, I recommend studying in a variety of spaces that UConn has at our disposal. Whether it’s in the Beanery, Student Union, or the infamous Homer B, it is important to make your study space as comfortable as possible and definitely do not be afraid to switch it up!

Do you have any tips for navigating campus?

In my opinion, UConn’s layout is similar to a bullseye target. All of the main academic buildings and library are in the middle of campus. Then, you move outward and find your residential halls and dining halls! It seems overwhelming at first, but I promise it is so easy to get the hang of it! Also- google maps will be your best friend freshman year!

How was adjusting to life at UConn like for you? Would you have done anything differently? 

Adjusting to life at UConn was overwhelming at first, but being part of organizations that allow you to build your social circle and make lifelong friends helps you get through the adjustment period. If I were to do anything differently, I would have tried to become a fitness instructor at the Rec because I LOVE that gym!

What resources would you say are the most helpful for first year School of Engineering students?

One of the most useful resources that I have utilized during my time in UConn’s school of engineering would have to be the academic achievement center, in which I have had my resume critiqued, as well as several interview prep meetings that helped me build those skills when I was searching for an internship! I wouldn’t have got my amazing internship opportunity from PepsiCo without the support of the academic achievement center at UConn.